The KOHL'S American Cup Is Coming To South Texas — Are You Ready?

For the fifth-straight year, South Texas Youth Soccer will sponsor and host a series of KOHL'S American Cup events in various cities across South Texas.

By combining soccer games, fun events, and the KOHL's Interactive Tour into a one-of-a-kind soccer experience for U5 through U14 recreational soccer teams, the KOHL'S American Cup helps South Texas Youth Soccer achieve our goal of providing something special for the recreational players, while fostering their interest and love for the game.

Every South Texas KOHL's American Cup event is open to any and all recreational teams registered with a South Texas or US Youth Soccer affiliate and are intended to provide the recreational player an opportunity to participate in an original event and experience a consistent, high-quality tournament in a fun, festival-like atmosphere.

  • The South Texas KOHL'S Cup events kick off in Corpus Christi on April 10.
  • The El Paso KOHL'S American Cup will be held in conjunction with Cinco de Mayo celebrations, May 1-2.
  • The Houston┬áKOHL'S American Cup will be held in July, in conjunction with the MLS All Star Game.

Complete information about the upcoming Houston KOHL's American Cup event can be found on the South Texas Youth Soccer website at

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