Hey Lady: Be Kind To The Refs!

My friend Mike is a coach. He has played and coached for many years and enjoys coaching. Prior to each season, he sends out an e-mail to the parents that outlines his coaching philosophy — which emphasizes fun, player development and sportsmanship.

Mike’s e-mail to his parents prior to the start of this year’s fall season was no different than usual. He set out the expectations for the players regarding practice, games, playing time and sportsmanship. He also made it very clear that he expects the parents to behave in a sportsmanlike manner at all times – they can be loud in a positive and encouraging way, but are never to criticize the referee.

During the first game, Mike heard one of the parents loudly riding the referee. Because of the noise from the other games going on around him and the glare from the sun, Mike could not be sure who was yelling at the referee, so he called his wife on the far sideline for help getting the yelling stopped.

His wife answered the phone and said, “I’m sorry, I’ll stop."

Coaches, the moral of the story is that when you send an e-mail to your parents, be sure to cc your spouse!

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