2011 TOPSoccer Festival is coming to
Star Soccer Complex in San Antonio

The Second Annual TOPSoccer Festival, sponsored by South Texas Youth Soccer, US Youth Soccer and Morgan’s Wonderland, will be held at the Star Soccer Complex Mar. 26, from 7:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

TOPSoccer (The US Youth Soccer Outreach Program for Soccer) is a community-based soccer program that is designed to meet the needs of children with physical and/or mental disabilities. Player participation and development are key elements of the program as players are placed on teams according to ability and NOT by age.

TOPSoccer is designed to improve the overall fitness, self-esteem and social skills of the player.

Last year, over 80 players with special needs and 90 volunteer ‘buddies’ participated in this fantastic event. Players of all ages and ability levels from across the state and their buddies enjoyed a rewarding day of soccer fun. This year, we are expecting as many as 150 athletes and 150 student buddies to be on hand to take advantage of this opportunity for not only skills development but friendship development as well!

The field activities for the players and buddies include a series of skills demonstrations, activities and games where the players perform and practice push passes, knee passes, various types of 'freestyle passes', and other fun activities. The event will conclude with a series of games where the players move around the field kicking balls through a grid of cone goals to see how many goals they can score.

If you know an athlete with special needs who would like to take part in this TOPSoccer event, or, if you would like to volunteer as ‘buddy’, you can find more information about the event and how to get registered by clicking here.

A video clip of last year’s event is available here!

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