About the South Texas Olympic Development Program


The Olympic Development Program (ODP) is part of the original Olympic Development Program founded in 1977 by US Youth Soccer as a national identification and development program for elite level players. The program identifies and develops players to compete at the state, regional, and national levels in support of National Team development efforts.

The function of ODP is the identification, selection and opportunity for development of the state’s top players, and — through high-level training and competition, to provide the means by which these players are prepared to compete for selection for regional, national, collegiate and professional opportunities.

STYSA ODP Philosophy

The primary responsibility for the development of all players belongs to the clubs. It is the responsibility and function of STYSA to identify, select, and develop the state’s elite players to compete with and against each other in preparation for future playing opportunities at a higher level.

Success at the ODP level is directly tied to the high level of the players, coaches, and competition in South Texas. For ODP to be a true success, STYSA must work in cooperation with club coaches, club officials, local Associations and parents.

General Information

Tryouts are held at selected times throughout the year for boys and girls players in each age group. The ODP tryouts offer the state’s top players to showcase their skills in a unique environment, against other elite players, and in front of the top coaches in the state. All spots on the ODP state team pools are up for grabs and the coaching staff will be looking to select the players who perform the best on each tryout date.

Selection of these players is not an easy task. Players are evaluated on the four components that make up a soccer player:

  1. Technique
  2. Tactics
  3. Fitness and Athletic Ability
  4. Psychological Component (attitude)

From these tryouts, a pool of players are selected in each age group to train together on selected dates over the course of the spring to determine who will be invited to compete at Region III events during the summer.

What is a Pool?

Players will be selected to a “pool” during the try-out process. A pool is the term used to define the group of players selected during the try-outs. A pool can range in size between 25 and 65 players depending upon the age group and the ability of the players within that age group. From the pool, the top players will be selected according to their performance in subsequent training session, to attend Region III camp.

What is the focus of ODP?

  • ODP is an exclusive program for Elite players
  • ODP focuses on the individual player’s success — not upon team success.

What are the Benefits of Participating in ODP?

  • Development as a player via training and playing with the best players in your own age group
  • Quality instruction from nationally licensed coaches
  • Quality competition through games against other state association ODP, Regional and National Teams, and international teams
  • Exposure to college, National and Regional Team coaches
  • The opportunity to represent one’s state, region or country in competition
  • The chance to see the world. US Youth Regional ODP teams have traveled to any number of places, both domestically and internationally


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