Online Coaching Modules Bring Coaching Education to You

Volunteer coaches can now fit a Coaching Module into their busy schedule!

Associations and Clubs can now offer their coaches a U6/U8 or U10/12 Coaching Education Module with an ONLINE component. The online element must be taken in conjunction with a Field Session in order for the coach to qualify for a U6/U8 or U10/U12 Coaching Certificate.

The candidate will register to attend the Field Session associated with an online course. The online course will be available for a predetermined period prior to the date of the Field Session. The coach will be given a link to the online element of the course. Only coaches who have completed the online segment will be qualified to participate in the Field Session and thereby earn their U6/U8 or U10/U12 Coaching Certificate.

To learn about taking or hosting an online coaching module, click the “Coaching Education” tab at

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