The 2011 2nd Annual TOPSoccer Festival was a Great Success

With the help of Star Soccer Complex, Morgan’s Wonderland, NEYSO Special Teams, Missions Road Ministries and South Texas Youth Soccer, the 2nd Annual TOPSoccer Festival got off to a great start. Over three hundred people attended the event, doubling the participation from the previous year. 

The volunteer and Buddy response was overwhelming. Buddies came from surrounding universities and high schools. San Antonio and Austin area soccer clubs were represented as well. Buddies and participants with different soccer backgrounds showed off their abilities, bringing a smile to everyone who participated — even several Trinity University basketball players showed off their soccer skills.

The event was full of energy and fun. With the help of local club and college coaches, STYSA ODP Coach Bob Wilde got the players started by having them simply kick the balls with their buddy. Then the coaches led the players and buddies through a series of skills demonstrations, activities and games. The players performed and practiced push passes, knee passes and various types of freestyle passes. The day also included other fun ball activities and games. 

The organizers and participants would like to give special thanks to Terry and Jackie Thompson from NEYSO Special Teams, The Soccer Factory, Julie O’Toole and the staff from Missions Road Ministries, the staff from Star Soccer Complex and Morgan’s Wonderland, as well as the South Texas Youth Soccer staff.

Thank you to all the volunteers that helped throughout the event. We would also like to thank all of the Buddies who came out and made this event a success!

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