As a member of STYSA, teams and players can register to play at various levels of competition, from recreational to Premier. Players of the appropriate age who are identified as having the necessary skill level are invited to participate in the Olympic Development Program, while those of the appropriate age are encouraged to register for participation in the Developmental Program.

Coaching Education Program

Courses are designed to assist both the beginning coach with NO soccer knowledge, as well as the highly experienced coach with how to work with children of each age group and what techniques are appropriate for that particular age.

Educational Materials

Various coaching and administrative materials — including booklets, videos, DVDs, workbooks and other training materials — are available from the State Office. A Lending Library is available for those wishing to borrow tapes or books while other publications are available for purchase.

Governing Board Meeting

The STYSA semi-annual Governing Board Meetings in February and July offer coaching demonstrations, informative workshops on topics valuable to local organizations, district meetings to address issues regarding play and competitions, committee meetings to facilitate the workings of the committee, and an annual awards banquet to recognize outstanding volunteers, all in addition to the business meeting.

Risk Management Program

Background checks are conducted on every adult coach, assistant coach, trainer, manager, board member, referee, staff member and volunteer in an ongoing effort to provide our players with the safest possible environment. Adult Participation Passes are issued to every cleared individual and must be visibly displayed at all STYSA-sanctioned events (practices, games, tournaments, playoffs).


A fully functional website,, provides up-to-date information on events that have happened and will happen, descriptions of the many programs offered, rules, policies, competitions, publications, forms and links to other soccer sites.

Administrative Support

A full-time State Office staff and a Director of Coaching are available to assist with and answer questions on the various services, activities and programs offered.

Tournaments/Event Sanctioning

As the governing body of youth soccer in South Texas, STYSA determines sanctioning requirements to ensure tournaments are conducted in a fair, high-quality manner. A complete listing of all sanctioned events is maintained on the website.

Player Insurance

STYSA provides its members with:

  • General Liability Insurance
  • Accident/Medical Insurance
  • Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

US Youth Soccer and US Soccer Federation Affiliation

As a member of STYSA, you are a part of US Youth Soccer, the largest youth soccer organization in America with over three million players; the United States Soccer Federation; and FIFA, the international governing body of soccer for the world.

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