Measurements of Success in Youth Soccer
How do you and your team stack up?


Fun…do your players smile and laugh? Do your players look forward to playing? The first question from the player's family should be, "Did you have fun today?"

Fair Play…Do your players demonstrate by words and actions a sense of sportsmanship?

Laws of the Game…do your players know and follow the rules of soccer?

Health and Fitness…are your players physically fit enough to meet the fitness demands of the game? Are they developing good nutrition and hydration habits befitting an athlete?

Friendships…are your players creating new friends within the team and with players from other teams?

Skills…are your players demonstrating a growing number of ball skills and are the gradually becoming more proficient in those skills?


Commitment…how do your players answer at the end of a game when asked, "Did you try your best?"

Roles in the Team…more important than learning a single position, are your players learning about 'positioning' and how to move tactically within the game? Are your players exposed to playing every position?

Leadership…are your players given an opportunity to take on the leader roles and responsibilities? Are you, your coaches and managers teaching leadership?

Tactics…are your players experimenting with new tactics in games? Coaches must teach new tactics in training sessions and then allow players to try them out in games — regardless of how doing so may affect the outcome!

Retention…do your players want to come back year after year?

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