2011 US Youth Soccer National Championship Series

Over Memorial Day weekend, 48 South Texas teams converged on 5 Mile Dam Park in San Marcos to battle for the opportunity to participate in the 2011 South Texas US Youth Soccer National Championships State Cup. Their goal – qualify to advance to the 2011 US Youth Soccer Southern Regionals in Murfreesboro, Tenn., in mid-June.

First-place teams from each Regional event would advance on to the National Championship Tournament in Phoenix, Ariz., in mid-July.

State Champions advancing to Regional play were:

  • BU14 – WDDOA Lonestar 97B Red
  • BU15 – EDDOA LAFC Houstonians 95/96
  • BU16 – EDDOA AHFC 95B
  • BU17 – WDDOA SA Texans 94B Red
  • BU18 – EDDOA Eclipse 93 Premier
  • BU19 – WDDOA Lonestar 92B Red
  • GU14 – EDDOA AHFC 97G
  • GU15 – WDDOA Lonestar 96G Red
  • GU16 – WDDOA Lonestar 95G Red
  • GU17 – EDDOA Challenge 94
  • GU18 – WDDOA Lonestar 93G Red

Premier League West Champions advancing to Regional play were:

  • GU14 – WDDOA Lonestar 97G Red
  • BU14 – EDDOA LAFC Houstonians 97
  • BU15 – EDDOA Texans 96B
  • BU16 – EDDOA Texans 95B Houston
  • BU17 – EDDOA Texans 94 Houston

Eight teams advanced to the semi-final round of Regional play. Of the eight, two advanced to the championship round – BU14 LAFC Houstonians 97 and GU14 Lonestar 97G Red. Although the two South Texas teams gave their best effort, neither team qualified for advancement to Nationals.

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