STYSA Now Offers U6/U8 Modules with ONLINE Component

Associations and Clubs are now welcome to offer their coaches a U6/U8 Coaching Education Module with an ONLINE component, making access to coaching education even easier for coaches statewide.

The online element must be taken in conjunction with a Field Session in order for the coach to qualify for a U6/U8 Coaching Certificate.

To complete the course, candidates must register to attend the Field Session associated with an online course, which will be made available for a predetermined period prior to the date of the Field Session. The coach will be given a link to the online element of the course and must have completed this online element prior to the deadline.

The STYSA Coaching Department will monitor the registrations and notify the Field Session coordinator/instructor as to which coaches have completed the online segment, and are thus eligible to take the Field Session. Only coaches who have completed the online segment by the deadline will be permitted to participate in the Field Session and thereby earn their U6/U8 Coaching Certificate.

Click here for a listing of the currently available online U6/U8 courses!

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