STYSA, or South Texas Youth Soccer Association, is the organization that governs youth soccer in the southern half of Texas. Affiliated with the US Youth Soccer Association (USYS), the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) and the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), our organization offers players age four through 18 an opportunity to experience the game, develop their skills and learn sportsmanship.

US Youth Soccer is the largest member of the United States Soccer Federation and nationwide involves over 600,000 volunteers and administrators and 300,000 coaches (mostly volunteers) who serve more than three million youth players between the ages of four and 19. There are 55 state associations involved in the national program.

All kids have different needs. Social and physical development occurs at different stages — some want to play just to be with their friends, others have a goal of playing professionally. Whatever the reason, each child deserves a safe and healthy environment in which to play. South Texas Youth Soccer Association endorses the philosophy of our parent organization, the United States Youth Soccer Association, that soccer is "The Game for All Kids".

To accomplish this goal, education programs have been developed and perfected over the years to provide coaches with the training techniques that will aid them in teaching the game and helping the players develop their skills. Competitions are sponsored at each level of play in an effort to afford players an opportunity to compete against their counterparts from around the state, the region and the nation. Educating both the youth participants and the adult sponsors in the fundamentals of soccer, teaching good sportsmanship, and promoting soccer through a variety of activities are the primary objectives of the South Texas Youth Soccer Association.

Founded in 1964 as a non-profit organization, the mission of the South Texas Youth Soccer Association is to promote, coordinate, administer and unify youth soccer through its affiliated organizations. The Governing Board is comprised of representatives from the 30 affiliated Member Associations from across South Texas and meets twice a year – February and July – at varying locations around the state to conduct the business of the organization and to establish the rules within which the organization's member clubs, leagues and competitions will operate.

The Governing Board elects a seven-member Executive Committee who then oversees the application of the state rules and the management of the day-to-day operation of the state association. Executive Committee members are elected each February and serve two-year terms. Four members of the committee are elected one February with the other three elected the following February.

For the purposes of soccer, Texas is divided into two states – South Texas and North Texas. South Texas stretches from El Paso on the west across the state to Lufkin on the east and from centrally-located Temple all the way south to Brownsville. The geographic area is huge and, as a result, offers many obstacles for both administrators, coaches, parents and players.

One of the largest problems faced is the need for travel. There's just no getting around it — in a state as large as ours, someone has to travel! Every effort is made to move the competitions to various sites around the state to restrict an area from extensive travel year after year.

A State Office is maintained under the authority of the Governing Board to assist with the administrative aspect of the state program. Located in Manor (near Austin), the State Office serves as the distribution center for information and materials to the Member Associations and assists the Executive Committee, as well as other Committee Chairs, with the management of the various programs. Permission for teams/players to participate outside the boundaries of South Texas, international travel requests, insurance claims, management of the Olympic Development/State Team program, permission to host tournaments, Fall post-season competitions, Spring Cup competitions and the scheduling of coaching education courses are processed through the office. The State Office also maintains the official Player and Adult Registration Database, including the background check status on all registered adult volunteers, and serves as editor and publisher of the Administrative Handbook, the STYSA newsletter (the STYSA Shootout) and the Coaches' Handbook.


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